Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Sign of Change and an Anniversary

A sign of change in Shaker Heights

Added by Jon Fobes on November 22, 2008 at 9:15 PM
Bill Murray, who works for the city of Shaker Heights, looks for a specific street sign for a customer at Shaker Heights City Hall on Saturday Nov. 22, 2008. He was one of many Shaker Heights workers and residents who offered to help out for the day. The city was selling many street signs because most of the city's signs have been replaced during the past few months. Nearly 300 people waited to purchase a piece of Shaker Heights history. The proceeds from the sale go to the Shaker Heights general fund. (Tracy Boulian/The Plain Dealer)

Shaker Heights is a beautiful old suburb of Cleveland and only about 25 minutes away from my home. I was saddened to read this morning in the Sunday paper that I missed out on their wonderful sale of old street signs. Beautiful black and white enamel signs that go with just about any decor today. Most were at least 50 years old and only $30 each. 440 signs were sold.

My junk radar just didn't cut it this time.

Happy Annivery to us!

I realize now that my husband and I don't have many pictures taken together or even alone for that matter. So this will have to do. C.T. is a HUGE fan of the Simpsons so this is very appropriate.

Meet my husband, C.T.

...and here I am.

...and here's our whole family.

Actually we have one recent picture of us (minus my oldest daughter unfortunately and we added Great-Aunt Sylvia).

Wishing my husband of 6 years a very Happy Anniversary!


  1. Aw, happy anniversary! I hope it's a blessed one!

  2. Candy, are you gonna share how you met the man? You know I am an advocate, since it's working for me, too! Love the family pic. Hate that you missed out on the street sign sale. Those signs are kick booty! ~Mindy

  3. Dang, it's aggravating when junk radar doesn't kick in in time to achieve sales satisfaction! Congrats on the anniversary, though!

    The Texas Woman

  4. WOW....those signs are AWESOME! I have an affinity for signs...and that they are old AND black and white enamel (they just don't make'm like that anymore!) is so cool!

    Also LOVE all your white Christmas collections! Happy Holidays!

  5. Happy, happy anniversary!

    Be well,


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